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Senior Profile: Strong Safety Isiejah Allen



Published: Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Updated: Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Photo By Mark Becker/ The Ram

Senior strong safety Isiejah Allen is known best for his versatility, a combination of speed, hands and defensive prowess, allowing him to total high tackle and interception numbers as well as excel at returning kickoffs and punts.

Senior strong safety Isiejah Allen has started at that position since halfway through his freshman season as well as spent time at wide receiver and cornerback. He has also been one of the Rams’ top kickoff and punt returners since his freshman season, tying the school record for longest kickoff return that year (100 yards), although he has returned only three of 12 punts this season. He has led or tied for the team lead in interceptions, pass deflections and tackles per game multiple times in his career. This season he leads the team in tackles per game and is one shy of leading in total tackles, 3.5 of which have been for losses, to go along with one pass breakup and one fumble recovery.

The Ram: Why did you choose to attend Fordham?
Isiejah Allen: The truth is, I knew from an early age that I wanted to major in communications. The chance to play Division I football and earn a degree from a top notch communications program was very appealing.

TR: What got you started in football?
IA: Watching my older brother play football got me started playing, plus the fact that I was one of the fastest kids in my neighborhood.
TR: Having moved from wide receiver to every position in the secondary while also returning kicks, you’re pretty versatile. With there being so many dual threats in the game today, how much is your versatility valued?
IA: I think any coach would love to have versatile players, but I definitely feel like my versatility is one of my strengths.
TR: How many different positions have you played in your career?
IA: I’ve played just about everything except lineman.
TR:  You are well known for your pass defense and ability to intercept passes. What goes through your mind on a general pass protection play?
IA: Well, before every play I look towards the opposite end zone and imagine myself running for a touchdown. During the play I read my keys then use my speed to make a play on the ball.
TR:  What is the best part of being a Ram?
IA: The best part is being a part of a great tradition. It was great being a part of the 125th anniversary of Fordham football and winning a championship.
TR: Do you have any goals for your senior season?
IA: My goal is to help lead the team by example and show the younger players how to be great student-athletes.
TR: What is the most important principle for playing good defense?
IA: Most people think defense is about being the fastest or strongest, but if you understand plays and formations along with reading your keys, you will become that much better on defense.
TR: With John Skelton getting all the hype about being drafted, who else on the team do you feel has the tools to make it in the NFL?
IA: There a lot guys on the team that have potential – John and Steve Skelton, James Crockett, Kelvin Colbert, Darzell Wright and myself to name a few.
TR: Do you have any plans for after graduation?
IA: After I graduate I plan on trying to make a pro football team.

TR: Which NFL QB would you most relish picking off?
IA: It would probably be Peyton Manning because I think he is the best at using his eyes to throw defenders off.

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