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Senior Profile: Alberto Estwick


Published: Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, February 1, 2012 02:02

Stephen Moccia/The Ram

Alberto Estwick has been a vital member of the men’s basketball team during his time at Fordham. He has averaged 7.1 points per game over his career.

Alberto Estwick, a business major, is one of just three seniors on a young Rams squad led by a number of underclassmen. While he may not be seeing the minutes of some of his other teammates, he has continued to be a vital member of the Fordham basketball team. Estwick propelled the Rams to victory over Rhode Island by hitting a three-pointer with just 28 seconds left. Over his four years here, Estwick has played in every single game. The 6' 4" guard from Brooklyn, New York was a member of an undefeated national championship team during his time at St. Anthony's in New Jersey.

The Ram: What was it like to play for a high school that is always competing for state and national titles and is coached by the legendary Bobby Hurley?

Alberto Estwick: It was a great experience because not too many other players get the chance to play the top high school teams in the country. But it was hard too because

Coach was always tough on us, and made sure we were focused. But, it was good because he placed a lot of emphasis on making us into men.

TR: What made you choose Fordham coming out of high school?

AE: It was close to home, and [former Head Coach Jared] Grasso [now an assistant at Iona] promised my former teammate Jio Fontan [now at USC] and I that we would be getting a lot of playing time. And we looked forward to changing the program around.

TR: In terms of turning the program around, what do you attribute the team's raise in wins over the past two seasons?

AE: The new coaches are a lot more organized and keep us more focused than the coaches from a few years ago. Also, we have been getting some good recruits that are not only better as players, but better as teammates too.

TR: How does Coach Pecora compare to the other two head coaches you have had while playing here?

AE: He's just much more organized, and makes sure we keep on ourselves. He always has a plan for us and gives us a lot of confidence.

TR: What do you think the program needs to do in order to compete at the top of the Atlantic 10?

AE: Just continue to improve every season and continue to get good recruits. We're definitely going in the right direction.

TR: Fordham plays in the oldest gym in the country and has installed new sideline scoreboards. Would you prefer it if more modernized upgrades were put in place?

AE: Yeah, it would be nice if it were a little bit more modernized. But at the same time something makes it get really loud in here when all the fans are cheering so I wouldn't want to see that change.

TR: Do you think that is the reason for the team's 8-1 record at home?

AE: Yeah, of course, when the crowd starts getting loud it just gives you more motivation to keep going even when you're tired.

TR: Throughout all the games you've played here, what is your favorite moment?

AE: When I was named A-10 Rookie of the Week during my freshman season. There was a stretch when I was averaging around 18 points per game, and to have that recognized showed how much all of my hard work had paid off.

TR: What did that shot against Rhode Island mean to you, especially after losing your starting job?

AE: I hadn't been playing as well as I should have been, so it was such a huge confidence boost to hit that shot. It meant a lot that I was given the ball at the end of the game.

TR: What are your plans for after graduation?

AE: I am going to try out for some teams, and maybe go overseas to play. But if that does not work out then hopefully something in advertising in sports, which is something else I'm really interested in.

TR: Both you and Chris Gaston are pretty active on Twitter. Which one of you is the better tweeter?

AE: Probably Chris, he always gets a whole bunch of retweets and he does it a lot more than I do.

TR: Take your pick: Patriots or Giants? 

AE: Giants all the way baby. They're gonna bring it home.

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