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Righter’s Block

Liberals Master Social Media

Published: Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 01:04

It is “Yearbook Syndrome Time.” As I approach the end of the semester, I am trying to find closure in the midst of chaos. I attempt to tie up loose ends and gain catharsis. This involves reconciling my differences with those I am currently engaging in ideological battles. I want to take the opportunity to recognize that, although we heatedly debate the best approaches to government policy and individual behavior, my political adversaries share my goal of making America the best country possible. 

In their efforts to improve our nation, liberals display several admirable qualities. They have an incredible ability to generate excitement about their candidates, create long-lasting protest movements and inspire the youth to join their causes. Recently, this has been accomplished through the impressive utilization of social media.

Often, even for staunch conservatives, it seems like liberal candidates are more passionate. The presence of Democratic candidates on the Internet, specifically the frenzy surrounding President Obama’s 2008 campaign, and causes such as the Occupy Wall Street movement, make them relevant and appealing, especially to youth who are hesitant to get actively involved in politics. In the 2008 election, the future President recognized the need to create a brand image for his candidacy and posted videos of his speeches on YouTube. He created a profile on Facebook at a time when many adults were still resistant to joining the site, and he even started tweeting. As president, he has maintained his commitment towards using social media, not only in the 2012 election cycle, but also during his time in office. Republicans, with the exception of Ron Paul, have failed to take advantage of social media to the same degree.

I am thoroughly impressed by this ability to adapt election strategies to take advantage of technological progress. Conservatives are often represented as being “behind the times.”

Unfortunately, this also appears to be the case in campaigning. Republican candidates and causes appear to wait for liberals to push the boundaries regarding advertising and campaigning. Generally, liberals are able to outlast conservative candidates and causes in retaining their rebelliously cool status through social media.

Now, this declaration of admiration for an element of the political opposition’s organization does not mean that I no longer disagree with their beliefs. It is just recognition that no one group is right all the time. It is important to recognize our own failings and the successes of others in order to prevent isolating ourselves from members of the opposing party. 

Passion is important, but so is respect.

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