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  • john white backdrop Righter’s Block

    Liberals Master Social Media

    It is “Yearbook Syndrome Time.” As I approach the end of the semester, I am trying to find closure in the midst of chaos. I attempt to tie up loose ends and gain catharsis. This involves reconciling my differences with those I am currently engaging in ideological battles.

  • alan color – Michael rezin Left of the Dial

    Neither Party Is Evil

    As this is a presidential election year, things will inevitably become heated.  Nominees, pundits and parties will sling harsh rhetoric. Stuck right in the middle of all the posturing and talk of a ruined America is you, the voter. During election years, we often find ourselves too focused on the differences between the parties, convinced that the other party is evil or misguided.

  • women – MCT Olivier Douliery Attacking the “War on Women”

    If you have been keeping up with the news, you have surely heard about the “war on women.” Women have suddenly become the campaign topic du jour, and both parties are fighting for our souls (well, at least our votes). I really cannot express how annoying this “war on women” is to me.

  • Tuition System Limits Disadvantaged Students

    Due to the new $1 billion of budget cuts that took effect in California on January 1, 2012, many academic institutions were left without a significant portion of governmental funds. According to the Los Angeles Times, public schools alone will face a $330 million budget reduction.

  • EDITORIAL: Students Seize the Summertime

    As the sun-drenched days of the semester bring our academic year to a close, The Ram would like to take a moment to reflect on the opportunity that summer vacation provides young, independent students to absorb and reflect on the Jesuit teachings and values ingrained during the busy year.

  • Emily arata From the Desk of Emily Arata, Executive Editor

    No man is an island, according to poet John Donne, but Sodexo would argue that some are salad bars. Contrary to the beliefs of our beloved food service company, vegetarians and rabbits need not share the same diet of lettuce, tomatoes and carrots each and every day.

  • CA State Collage - wikimedia California Universities Move to Acknowledge LGBT Community

    California’s state colleges have a history of being at the forefront of social progressivism, if not outright liberalism. Their latest policy initiative illustrates that this tradition is still very much alive. AB 620 is a law, signed into effect last year, that calls for colleges to implement measures against the harassment and bullying of gay and lesbian students.

  • bishops – MCT ZIA NIZAMI Bishops Rightly Criticize Ryan’s Budget Proposal

    The messages of caring for the needy and loving the poor within the Bible seem to have been lost on Republican House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan and replaced with messages of tax breaks for the rich and oil subsidies. Maybe that explains why the congressman from Wisconsin stated that his Catholic faith contributed to the shaping of his controversial budget plan.

  • Spring Preview-Goers are Misled

    This past weekend, the arrival of thousands of wide-eyed high school students on campus signaled the annual Spring Preview. The week preceding this event is always full of gardeners planting entirely new flowerbeds around campus and a general cleaning of the University’s buildings.