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It would be odd to hear that someone says that does not want to make money or does not like having money. In today’s world when it is getting harder to make enough money through a steady job, people are making money online, without investing much time. Yes, it is by trading in cryptocurrency. Many reviews suggest not only can you make money but can become a billionaire, so if you are interested to know more about it, keep reading

Cryptocurrency is virtual money that can be used to trade in the exchange. Right now, Bitcoin is the most accepted currency that is in use to date. Having said that, we also have other options as well, for example, ripple. Bitcoin being so popular many trades (shop owners) accept Bitcoin as payment in return for goods. Many portals allow you to convert Bitcoin offline, however, the authenticity of such portals is a question mark.

About Bitcoin Up

A new addition to the Bitcoin family, it is the latest cryptocurrency trading platform in the market today. Bitcoin boasts of it being the best application in the world today. Designed to work in sync with the other robot brokers, it has advanced artificial intelligence features like natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning. Bitcoin Up is coded with an algorithm that can do technical and fundamental analysis with a 95% accuracy.

All that is needed of you while trading using it is to follow the given instructions. It does not require any special skill or training to operate. This application has been rated excellent by users to date. Bitcoin Up guarantees a return on investment of about 300%. Some reviews state that about 9% of users who have joined this application are in the Bitcoin Millionaire Club.

How Bitcoin Up Works

Bitcoin Up technically “partners” with other broker robots, these robots are faster than traditional brokerage practices, they run on commands and execute orders in a fraction of seconds, they also are enabled to receive deposits. If the brokers were real people the chances of losses were very high, but these robots work at a 95 to 97 percent accuracy level, hence minimize the risk. Bitcoin Up uses a technique called “Scalping”. These robots are monitored by the Trading Regulatory Authorities, but the risk involved in this trade is higher than any normal earning person can bear so it is recommended that you should limit the money you want to trade with so that a loss booked does not hurt you.

How to Trade With Bitcoin Up

Trading using Bitcoin Up is just about a click of a button. You just have to set the level of your risk for each trade before you go live. Once you register with Bitcoin Up you get a video tutorial and a 12-page document(guide) to help you learn all about Bitcoin Up. Make sure you read the manual carefully. Bitcoin Up can be accessed from any location using a laptop/desktop or mobile device (connected to the internet of course).

Bitcoin Up works both with Apple & Microsoft systems, it is also compatible with all popular browsers. This is a web-based tool and can be installed all mobiles that support HTML 5. Rumors are that Bitcoin Up will sone release its Mobile Application

Steps to set up Bitcoin Up


You need to create a trading account with Bitcoin Up. Verify your identity by uploading a scanned copy of the passport, driver’s license, or any other government-issued ID along with a clear photo. Bitcoin Up with then match you with their partner broker (bot) that works in your region.

Once done you can go ahead and deposit the money you want to risk and start trading (this can be done while you are waiting for verification to be completed). Just remember the option of withdrawing money is activated only after your identity is verified


The minimum amount that you can deposit is $ 250 to start trading with Bitcoin Up. There is ample regulation in places, so you don’t need to worry about your funds’ safety. Regulated brokers have to adhere to strict deposit protection guidelines. This is also taken up during periodic audits.

The laid guideline called “Deposit Segregation” stops brokers from utilizing your money in any other way other than trading. You can use your credit card, debit card, or any other cryptocurrency wallet to deposit money.

Demo Trading

While many do not understand the reason to do demo trading when trading with Bitcoin Up, it nevertheless is very important. A demo trading prepares you to trade live and gain experience of different trade settings that can be done on the historical data. Moreover, this demo gives you an almost real market experience without risking your money, also helps you understand the nuances of live trading.

Bitcoin Up provides you with advanced video tutorials, and live webinars through its trading centers to give you simulations of the platform. It is recommended that you should spend at least 2 to 3 hours in the center to get the know-hows that is vital for you.

Live Trading

Live trading using Bitcoin Up is as simple as turning on the lights of your room, once you have gone through the demo trading thoroughly. All you need to do is adjust your risk settings and click the button to begin trading. The human intervention in Bitcoin Up is negligible, once you have pressed the button you can continue with your daily chores while the robots do their work. Just a point that you should keep in mind is trade at least for 8 hours every day and a minimum 5 days a week to get the best return on investment from Bitcoin Up.

Never keep trading sessions active overnight as the session at night are not productive, because trading closes by 4 to 5 pm, keeping the session active only makes your money less as you end up paying service charge for a session that did not make any money for you.

Benefits of Trading with Bitcoin Up

Some Key benefits of Bitcoin Up include:

  • High accuracy (ranging from 95 to 97 percent)
  • Regular market updates help you make the right bets on time
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Making profits is fast and easy, not much human intervention is required
  • A secured environment makes sure you make money and not lose it.
  • Demo features allow you to master the craft before actually putting in any real money
  • Bitcoin Up is monitored and has regulated brokers for you so you need not fear for any mishaps

Reasons to Trade with Bitcoin Up

Researchers across continents are predicting a booming industry that has never been by anyone so far, that to all this is going to happen in the coming months. Rumors are that the cryptocurrency market will grow by $ 75,000 in the next couple of months, while other reports state that the prices will go up to $ 100,000 by the next fiscal. Bitcoin Up boasts of capitalizing on such information, the bots trade swiftly and hence make the best of the upward or downward trend of the market.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bitcoin Up free or has a charge?

Bitcoin Up is free, speculations are that it might not remain the same way for long, so you should utilize this trading bot while you can. Also, you do not have to pay any money for the demo trading and online curriculum that also includes the instruction manual, no hidden charges, or additional expenses.

What is the amount of money to invest?

Well technically no investment gets locked, you need to start trading using a minimum of $250, this money is shown as you trading limit, you can add more money as per your choice and your risk appetite.

How to make profits from Bitcoin Up?

Well making a profit is easy, just press the button. Well on a serious note, user reviews state that they have made close to $5000 as daily profits, the mantra is a minimum of eight hours of trading everyday, five days a week.

Is it an Application?

Well no it is not an application, it is a web-based tool that can be accessed using a computer or mobile device, it works well with HTML version 5 and supports all popular web browsers. Talks of launching an application are heard of, but no confirmed sources.

Is it legit or a Scam?

Well Bitcoin Up is 100 percent legit platform

The Verdict

Remember not everyone will feel comfortable trading in the market knowing the risks involved. Having said that, when you are using the Bitcoin Up trading bot, you can be sure that you have more security and alter your risk settings as per your choice. Given the current situation, fewer people have stable jobs so online trading is becoming the next alternative to make more money. Given the fact that Bitcoin Up is a safe and secured platform, the risks are minimal and profits are optimal.