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There is a growing interest in cryptocurrencies these days, especially in trading and investments. The stories of people earning in millions through their investments in digital currency assets have led to the sudden rush. Now, more people are ready to trade and invest in digital currency. But like all investors, they want to avoid losses and a certain degree of safety to their investments. Is it possible in the current scenario of cryptocurrency trading and investments? Yes, our review suggests that Bitcoin Profit which is automated trading software for cryptocurrencies can ensure mostly profitable trading.

The cryptocurrency story has grown far too big since the launch of the first cryptocurrency, bitcoin, in 2009. Now, there are more than 2,000 cryptocurrencies and a fully-evolved ecosystem to facilitate trading and investments in this new digital asset class. The rising interest of the investors in cryptocurrencies is due to the inherent strength of the distributed blockchain technology. Today, cryptocurrencies are accepted by top corporations as well as small businesses across different geographies. There is a higher level of investor confidence when it comes to digital currencies. These factors have led to a rise in investments and earnings in the trade of cryptocurrencies.  

What is Bitcoin Profit?

At first glance, cryptocurrencies look complicated but they have the potential to become the currency of the future. Trading in cryptocurrencies may look even more complicated and daunting. This is one of the reasons why people still shy away from cryptocurrency trading despite potentials of huge profits. In this backdrop, Bitcoin Profit is an amazing solution that takes away all the complex analysis of how different cryptocurrencies are behaving in the market, and carries out automated trading on your behalf as per the cue provided by you. Bitcoin profit does all the buying and selling of different cryptocurrencies for you.

In providing its buying and selling services, Bitcoin Profit eliminates all the technical and complex procedures that trading on other cryptocurrency trading platforms entail. Bitcoin Profit is an automated online trading platform with wide-ranging choices of cryptocurrencies. And, it’s intuitive and easy to operate, making it possible for anyone with a little computer knowledge to start trading and making profits.

Bitcoin Profit Review

Our Bitcoin Profit review finds that it is a popular automated trading platform for cryptocurrencies. We also find that it is one of the best software for auto trading in cryptocurrencies. After its launch in 2014, the auto trading platform was thrown open to the public within two weeks.

This trading tool has been developed by a former investment banker, Steve McKay, who made millions of dollars by trading and investing in the crypto industry. Many of the users report that this robot has up to 99% win rate. They also claim that with just $250, a Bitcoin Profit user can win as much as $2000 a day. This kind of high profit is made through speculative trading on Contract for Differences (CFDs). Offered by most brokers, it is a kind of financial derivative marked by high-risk, high-return potentials.

Bitcoin CFD trading is betting on the volatility in the prices of cryptocurrencies. It is focused just on making profit and exiting the market. It does not aim to own and hold the crypto assets. This also means that there is no standard buying process to follow for the trading to happen. 

Bitcoin Profit offers more than 40 pairs in crypto as well as fiat currencies. The rate of return is as high as 400%. However, the best pair to go in for are identified by the robot based on the potential of higher returns as per the market trends. While Bitcoin Profit can select a maximum 5 pairs at a time and it can place scores of trades within a minute.

Known as scalping, this trading approach is more popular among institutional investors.

Are There Any Risks?

During our review, we found there are many advantages of using the Bitcoin Profit robot for cryptocurrency trading. But are there some risks as well?

A close look at the trading and functioning reveals that Bitcoin Profit has been designed to minimize the risks in trading. There is always a significant amount of risk in any trading decision. Trading in cryptocurrencies also has the same kind of risks because it’s a global market marked with high volatility. While the robot can catch the trend and analyze the market developments, the markets may behave differently from its analysis and calculations.

However, credit must be given to Bitcoin Profit for being able to make much quicker decisions that ensure you have booked a profit before anyone could react to the market developments. Since Bitcoin Profit completes the transactions much faster, it reduces the risks. Our review believes that this is the reason why many crypto traders have now chosen to trade through Bitcoin Profit instead of the old platforms that they have been using before. 

How to Get Started?

Now comes how to get started with this crypto trading software. We have tried to review each and every aspect of this automated platform from the point of view of the users. We have found that getting started with this software is very easy. All you need to do is create your account on Bitcoin Profit, make a deposit, the minimum being $250, and start trading. It will take only a few minutes to finish all the formalities and get on with trading.

Account Registration

It takes just a few minutes to set up an account on Bitcoin Profits site. It is easy and quick because it does not seek an endless stretch of information sheets to be filled in. Rather, it just asks your username, email, and phone number. You create a password and your account is set up. You will receive a confirmation email and will have to verify the phone number. Once these formalities are over, your registration is complete.

Make a Deposit

After the account is set up, you need to start trading and for that you need funds in your account. So, kindly transfer some money from your card to the Bitcoin Profit account. The minimum amount with which you can fund your account is $250 while the maximum is $25,000. All popular payment platforms such as Visa, MasterCard, MerchantPay GiroPay, Maestro, and many others are available. The low threshold of $250 to get into the market is a good thing as it will encourage small traders to invest and make a profit. At the same time, the maximum investment limit of $25,000 allows big investors to tap the market for booking bigger profits.

For making the deposit, the process is simple and similar to any other online payment. It takes just a few seconds to complete the transaction. 

How A Live Trading Session Is Like?

After you have made the deposit, you click on the Next button and you are taken to a live trading session. Soon you realize that everything here is automated. You hardly need to do anything. As your first live trading session begins, the robot selects the best pair as per the existing market condition. You are spared from doing it yourself manually; it’s automatic. Your Bitcoin Profit software will also select the best possible settings for you and start checking out the crypto market for the best deals. Our review finds that when a good deal is seen, the robot quickly makes an analysis of the cost and profits. If the profit is significant, the robot completes the transaction before the trends change. 

There is hardly anything that a trader has to do at this stage. The trading tool does everything for you and all you need to do is sit back and watch the trading happen in front of you.

Payout Feature

Bitcoin Profit has a smart and easy payout feature. Like everything else about it, the payout is also completely automated. Once you log out of the trading session, your account balance is automatically credited with your profits, minus the fees charged by the trading platform.

Withdrawal Feature

The withdrawal feature is also easy but not fully automated so that your money remains safe. The withdrawal request is made through your account, which is followed by a confirmation email with security codes. After you provide the codes, your withdrawal is accepted and your bank account is credited within 24 hours.


  • Fully automated
  • Easy to make deposit
  • Makes smart analysis of market trends
  • Does currency pairing for you
  • Buys & sells currency on your behalf
  • Smart and easy payout
  • Easy and hassle-free withdrawal
  • 24×7 customer care


  • Too much automation of the trading process
  • Trading in only select cryptocurrencies

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrency is a sunrise investment sector with immense profitability and potentials. The only drawback that holds it back is a little complex nature of cryptocurrency and similarly complex trading process in the fledgling cryptocurrency trading and investment environment. In this backdrop, Bitcoin Profit comes across as a great enabler of crypto trading. It offers a back to back automated procedure to trade in the cryptocurrency market and benefit from it. The developer of this artificial intelligence (AI) based robot has taken care to remove all that can worry a potential cryptocurrency trader. Bitcoin Profit is a smart enabler rather than a scam. It’s legit and a great product.