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 Amidst many speculations about cryptocurrency that it will become a powerful tool for many countries, the demand for its possession is increasing day after day. And, because of this, the value of these coins is going to rise. It is now or never that you should invest in this market and make tons of money.

However, this currency system may sound confusing to many people who are yet to lay their hands on it. But, it is now possible that you can earn a lot of money from cryptocurrency without even knowing the basics of trading.

Bitcoin Era is considered as one of the most trusted auto trading platforms intended for cryptocurrency. It allows investors from different parts of the world to make money from the crypto market. Bitcoin Era is an automated tool for generating cryptocurrency, and it works on its own on behalf of the investors.

What is Bitcoin Era?

It is a trading system that provides people to trade cryptocurrencies automatically. This feature available on this trading platform makes it easier for anyone to trade Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies with ease. Because of this system, it is not necessary to have a trading experience to become successful.

This means you can make money from trading in a variety of cryptocurrencies. The system follows the pre-set trading rules a trader inserts. This way, the software always tries to match up to your trading preferences after evaluating the risk factors.

Few minutes of work is needed a day to use this software and to earn more and more consistent profits with it. At any moment a user can change the preference that suits the market better in those conditions.

Why choose this automated trading tool?

There are plenty of trading bots in the market and all of them have a great performance track because they generate more conversions. But, Bitcoin Era is quite different from all these automated tools because it has user-friendly features. The demo account in this automated software provides a good opportunity for you to grow on this platform.

With the demo account, you can familiarize yourself with the functionalities of this software and how the platform works. After getting to know more about the tool, you can start to use the software. This software has about a 96% success conversion rate, which means with a minimum deposit of $250, a lot of profit can be generated.

Also, you can have the option to deposit as low as $25 and gradually increase from this small amount when you continue trading. Whenever you encounter some kind of problem while trading with this automated software, you can take assistance from the dedicated consumer support system anytime. The live chat feature allows you to have a quick response in a short time.

Is Bitcoin Era legit, or a scam?

To find out whether a trading platform is legit or not, you need to thoroughly inspect its features and functionalities. Extensive checks conducted on this auto trading tool ascertain that Bitcoin Era is a trusted automated tool and fully registered. The test further shows that the win rate for all the transactions done by robots is 96% on average.

It is to be noted that the teste was conducted with sophisticated analytical tools where the results were positive and encouraging. This software is a legitimate auto cryptocurrency trading tool. In addition, it has the highest profitability rating and success in the market. This is the reason why many investors are earning money with this auto-trading tool.

People are impressed more with the win rate because it is the only automated tool available on the market to have the highest scores. The results came after thorough analysis and tests were done on this trading system. Here is a summary of the test results.

  • This auto trading software has simple and easy features that can be utilized by investors to make more money from the cryptocurrency market. You don’t have to take special training when using the platform. Both beginners and experienced investors won’t find the platform clumsy
  • The high win rate on this platform is because of the sophisticated algorithm that the trading robots leverage when performing transactions much quicker than the manual trading
  • The consumer support system is available all the time. It is a smart move to provide consumer support 24/7 to value investors. They give a quick response to all your queries and requests. The executive are experts in their related area and gives accurate answers to all questions posed to them
  • Making a deposit on this platform is quite easy and simple. You can have different payment options on this trading platform. And, withdrawals are completed within twenty-four hours
  • The information published on their official website is up to date and accurate. This confirms that the platform is legit
  • Opening an account with Bitcoin Era is very simple. All the procedures are easy and don’t take much time. There is no cost incurred when opening an account and there isn’t any kind of hidden costs either afterward

What are its features?

Bitcoin Era has become a reputed trading software because of the various features it provides to the investors. Here are some of its exiting features.

1. Backend – This platform includes the top-notch features that enable users to test the strategies they can apply to several market conditions. This way, traders have the liberty to change the settings to fit in the situation and earn a lot of profits.

2. Demo trading – If you want to gain more understanding of the financial market and how the trading platform works, demo trading can be helpful. The virtual funds present on the demo account enable traders to examine their strategies, master them, and gain further knowledge of the trading world without risking money.

3. Live trading – This feature gets activated after you are comfortable with your strategy. This includes testing the demo account along with the backend feature. The Live trading feature allows you to trade many cryptocurrencies. However, before you can trade assets, you have to deposit funds in your Bitcoin Era account. The deposited funds are yours and you can withdraw whatever you earn without incurring extra charges.

4. Live auto trading – With the live automated trading feature, you can execute trades according to pre-set trading parameters. It utilizes trading signals coming from the market analysis to open or close trades. Automated bots scan and analyses the trading market 24/7 and identifies profitable trading opportunities with the help of specific algorithms. Because of the market analysis, you can earn consistent profits without hurdles getting in the way, like gut feeling’ and human emotions.

What are the benefits of this automated tool?

Although the system has some exciting features it gives to traders, a few benefits are the reason why Bitcoin Era is increasingly becoming popular among the investors.

1. Don’t have to pay – This trading platform doesn’t cost you money and you can use it for free. You don’t have to pay extra money for download, usage, registration, deposit, and withdrawal. All investors are entitled to 100 percent of the money they earn while trading. The money can be withdrawn at any time without hassle.

2. Supports fiat and cryptocurrencies – Traders can trade both fiat and cryptocurrencies with this automated platform. The EUR (Euro), CHF (Swiss Franc), and USD (US Dollars) are some of the fiat currencies you can do trading with the automated tool. Meanwhile, the crypto includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Dash, and Monero.

3. Impressive win rate – The win rate of this auto-trading tool makes it stand out from the others. With over 96% success rate, it is recognized as an effective and credible automated trading tool. Because of the accuracy levels of this trading platform, investors are able to earn more and more profits every day.

4. No software download – There is no need to download the software or any kind of tool separately because the Bitcoin Era works directly on the web. The software can be used on any browser for devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. It creates ease of use and convenience. All you need to have is an internet connection.

5. Consistent profits – When you are using this tool, be sure that you are going to earn consistent profits. Your financial market knowledge or trading level experience has no role to play here. Anyone can earn high profits.

6. Fast setup – The setting up of automated trading criteria and registration process are fast and safe. The site is easy to navigate even when you haven’t traded before.

7. Easy deposits and withdrawals – Depositing and withdrawing funds are easy and fast. Almost every kind of debit and credit cards are accepted along with e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. Funds are sent to your bank accounts within 24 hours after filling up the withdrawal form.

8. Consumer support – Traders can have full access to the consumer support system 24/7. All your queries would be answered in no time.


Bitcoin Era is both profitable and legit. Try this amazing automated tool and see the difference all by yourself. Invest in this platform now and watch the shocking trading results.